CPCT Full Form Is ” Computer Proficiency Certification Test”

Madhya Pradesh Agency for Information Technology Promotion

Madhya Pradesh Agency for the Promotion of Information Technology (MAP_IT) is an autonomous body reporting to the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India. Funded by the Government of Madhya Pradesh to implement Madhya Pradesh’s IT State Policy. 

MAP_IT also functions as an agency to promote the development of information technology (IT) and as a hub agency to enable electronic governance in government departments/agencies to provide services to citizens electronically.

MAP_IT provides policy and institutional framework, strategy and project advice, project implementation, technical assistance and capacity building support to government departments/agencies for their e-government and informatization efforts. Also mapping IT, promoting skills development and awareness in the IT sector, facilitating IT staff development within government, and facilitating support for language localization and policies for IT-related projects.

 MAP_IT has been contracted to carry out the CPCT assessment in Madhya Pradesh.

 Welcome to the Computer Competency Certification Test (CPCT)

The Government of MP, according to its Decree C3 – 15/2014/1/3 of February 26, 2015, has recognized the Computer Certification and Competency Examination (CPCT) for all positions of this type in various government departments where practical computer skills and typing skills are required fundamental. they are requirements. 

Applicants for such government positions are required to appear at the CPCT to obtain the scorecard.

 Madhya Pradesh Information Technology Promotion Agency (MAP_IT) was mandated by the Government to carry out the CPCT in its Letter F14-16/2012/56 of 18 February 2015.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to take the Computer Competence and Certification Test (CPCT) in the state of Madhya Pradesh to gain access to computer literacy and other related skills for the respective posts in various government departments and agencies.

 CPCT’s goal is to provide a standardized assessment of computer skills for recruitment to various positions in state government agencies to ensure fair and transparent evaluation of candidates. CPCT is a computer-based exam system focused on assessing the skills required to work regularly in various government jobs.

 Applicants seeking a civil service position must take the CPCT assessment and receive their score card. This scorecard is used by public sector recruiters to assess a candidate’s computer, keyboard and related skills.

 This computer-based test assesses the following competencies through an assessment based on multiple choice questions and a sentence test:

  • Basic knowledge of computer management.
  •  Familiar with computer hardware and software
  •  Knowledge of general IT skills such as networks, Internet, email, etc.
  • Typing skills in English and Hindi
  •  understanding skills
  •  Mathematical/logical skills and general awareness
  • Objectives of the CPCT

The general objective of evaluating the CPCT is:

Establish a more consistent system for assessing basic computing skills and eliminate the need for disparate procedures and certifications.

Develop and nurture a pool of computer-skilled talent certified to acceptable standards of computer and keyboard skills.

For the convenience of the entire Gob. Departments and agencies at different levels for your relevant personnel needs.

Develop a transparent, fair, object-oriented and scientifically designed system for assessing relevant candidate skills during recruitment in various government departments and agencies.

For more information, see the rulebook available on the portal.

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